Print orders are filled by Bayphoto labs. They provide a wide variety of photo products of high quality. If you are dissatisfied with any order, re-printing will be done at no charge.

The profit portion of all orders of prints or downloads will be direct deposited to our local American Cancer Society chapter.  Profit will be more than 50% of your cost in all but very large prints. Framing, etc, may be ordered through Bayphoto in the checkout process also if you want.

It is possible to purchase the right to download the original digital photo file, then use it however you want.  Almost all of your payment is received by the ACS when downloads are ordered.

If you are familiar with the large framed prints of local photos at the Margaret Mary Health buildings in Batesville and would like to utilize the In Site Art group that prepared them, please contact

            Some print prices                                          Digital Downloads

Size            Your Cost       Donated Profit                                        Your Cost       Donated Profit

5x7               11.00                  7.20                        Single                        15.00               12.74       

8x10             16.00                11.16                     "All Photo" Gallery   85.00*              71.41

11x14           30.00                21.00                                                        200.00*           169.16

16x20           50.00                29.33               *85.00 for monitor-sized files seen on this site        

20x30           68.00                33.80              *200.00 for full-sized files suitable for enlargement


If you have a need for more photos of some subject in particular, or if you are having trouble with the ordering process, or if you have any other question, write me at 

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