Acknowledgements and Links

Many people have influenced the development of my photography and this website.

My earliest photography mentor was Dr. Russ King. He actually went to Indianapolis with me to buy my first digital camera and lens, has lent me innumerable pieces of equipment to try out and often keep, and continues to be a great source of information and advice.

I am very indebted to Bill Hutchison, a talented photographer in Carmel, Indiana, who continues to provide me with invaluable advice on a broad range of topics. I appreciate his enormous patience, his teaching abilities, and his generosity with his time and expertise. It is definitely worth visiting his site at

I am also appreciative of the help and advice of Mark Kraus, a Cincinnati photographer who has generously given me much advice. He has an excellent site at

I have been very impressed by the Indiana nature photography in the magazine “Outdoor Indiana” published by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, The articles encourage support of our beautiful state parks, and the photography of John Maxwell and Frank Oliver is outstanding.

I am very thankful to my wife Teri for her tremendous patience with my pursuit of this interest of mine.

Thanks mainly to the One who provides us with spectacular gifts for our senses every day.

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